Pečnik SE,E,ENE

Bora blows, and you want to fly?
Pećnik is then good choice for you.

Take off and flying area is behind town Opatina on the eastern slopes of mountain Učka. If it is good not stable day and bora is not strong, chances for good flight are great. Wind direction is East. When we have in Kvarner Bora (N wind) on the eastern slopes of Učka we have sea breeze which also produces thermals so you can take off on it.

To get there go with main troad to tunel Učka. Just before tunel stop on parking place. On the eastern side there is a small hill and on the top is take off. You have to walk to top. 20 minutes of walk.

Take off:
Place for glider barely for for two. Hill is steap and clearence is short. Often there is very calm wind so take off can be tricky.
take off : 45°19'9" (45.3193)N; 14°15'12" (14.2535)E - Elevation : 620 m.

Barely only one place is the beach near marina Ičići. Beware of obsticles on the beach. Do not use in summer due to many people on the beach.
landing : 45°18'48" (45.3136)N; 14°17'14" (14.2875)E - Elevation : 2 m

This place is used when not strong Bora is on other flying places. Sea breze makes ind suitable for flying.
BEWARE! Sometimes on take off is no wind but at the beach can be more than 15m/s!
After take off do not stay near hill if you do not climb because you will end up in power cables beloww hill.

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Author: hrga